Style That Works

This is a must-have course for anybody who wants to get that job or present the right image to climb the career ladder. After taking this course, you will have gained an understanding of the following.

  • Why companies have dress codes
  • Three basic types of dress codes
  • What F.A.D. is and why it is important

You will also get instruction on how to effectively use the following as an extension of your personal brand.

  • Social media
  • Cell phone etiquette
  • Email address

*The advice and opinions expressed in this course are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the  position or policy of a particular institution or company. The course is $10.99. All sales are final. No refunds.

Once enrolled in the course:

  • Scroll down to the Course Content and select lesson number 1 to begin taking the course.
  • Click the play button if you wish to hear the audio version of the lesson/topic
  • Click the “Mark Complete” button to advance to the next lesson/topic


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Course Materials

Computer or mobile device, internet access, and a printer (if you wish to print your certificate of completion).