Whether I’m giving advice on television, doing individual image consulting, or providing dress code guidance during new employee orientation, my goal is the same—to help people look and feel their personal best.

Having spent many years in the corporate world, I have observed the dynamics between image and economic opportunity. The reality is that we are visual creatures, and there is an important relationship between career success and one’s personal presentation. My belief is that dressing appropriately in the workplace is a soft skill that I can teach anyone. I love helping people look their personal best. I know it can affect their career opportunities as well as other aspects of their lives. Most of all, I love how good they feel about themselves afterward. Confidence is a beautiful thing.

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Give the gift that keeps on giving! Maybe you know someone who is brilliant, but challenged in how they present themselves. Dress For Higher can help them refine and align their style with their career goals. Contact us today!

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It takes only seven seconds to make a first impression! If you have a group that can benefit from learning about personal presentation, why it’s important, and how to do it well, Dress For Higher can share valuable insights tailored to suit your organization. Contact us today!

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