Luxury women's clothes

Dress For Higher offers a variety of services that can help you project a professional image and improve your personal branding.

Image Consultation | Get customized style recommendations based on your lifestyle as well as your personal and professional goals.

Body Typing | Learn which cuts of clothing and accessories are best for your unique body type.

Wardrobe Analysis | Have your wardrobe evaluated to see what you should keep, let go of, and acquire.

Hair Style Rx | Get personalized recommendations for the best style, stylist, and maintenance routine for your lifestyle.

Cosmetics & Skincare Selection | Learn which makeup and skincare products can help you face each day with confidence.

Guided Shopping | Save time and eliminate frustration by learning how shop like a pro for what makes you look your personal best.

Personal Shopping | Leave the shopping for your wardrobe to the experts.

Online Course | Style That Works

*Packages | save 10%

  • The Executive | for seasoned professionals who want their image to be as refined as their skill set
    • 6 Hours/$540
    • Image Consulting
    • Body Typing
    • Wardrobe Analysis
    • Hair Style Rx
    • Cosmetics & Skincare Selection
    • Guided Shopping
  • The Manager | for professionals who want to polish up their image and advance their careers
    • 3.5 Hours/$315
    • Image Consulting
    • Body Typing
    • Wardrobe Analysis
  • The Professional | for those who want to build the right foundation for a professional image
    • 1.5 Hours/$135
    • Image Consulting
    • Body Typing

HR Solutions | Dress For Higher can help you turn your staff into your best advertisement. Go beyond simply listing what is or isn’t allowed in the workplace. (more)